Finding The Perfect Dog Boarding Facility For Your Furry Companion: 4 Tips

Pet dog playing in doggy daycare

Trying to figure out what to do with your canine fur baby while you’re out of town? A dog boarding facility is a great option because it provides professional pet care and ensures your furry companion receives daily exercise, nutrition, and lots of playtime with other dogs—ideal for pups that are prone to separation anxiety!

So, while you’re out on your vacation, your furry best friend can enjoy a vacation-like experience of its own at the dog boarding facility with personalized playtime, dog walks, and perhaps even swimming!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips that’ll help you choose the right facility for your pupper.

1.     Take a Tour of the Facility

Before you settle on a dog boarding facility, take the time to tour the facility and pay special attention to where your fur baby will sleep, play, and eat every day while you’re away. Don’t underestimate a pet parent’s intuition—you know best where your fur baby will be comfortable.

Additionally, take note of the cleanliness of the facility and high noise levels. Make sure it provides a stable environment where your doggo will be taken care of by trained staff and surrounded by good dogs.

2.     Inquire About the Dogs’ Daily Routine

Make sure the dog facility you choose for your fur baby is temperature-controlled, ventilated, and has quality kennels. Ask about what the daily routine is for the pets in their care; how often does the staff feed the dogs? Are dog walks an additional service? What systems does the facility have in place to keep territorial canines apart? Inquire about overnight care for your pet.

If your furry companion has special needs—perhaps if it’s an anti-social dog—or requires a special diet, will the facility accommodate that? After talking to the staff, you should have a better idea of the kind of activities your pupper will be involved in throughout the day.

3.     Look For Amenities

Some pets have difficulty coping with boarding, which is why dog boarding facilities often offer amenities to relive the stress of your canine best friend’s changing environment. Look for a facility that offers plenty of social interactions and outlets to help your fur baby burn off excessive energy. It should ideally have group play options for socially-active dogs.

Pet dogs splashing in pond at dog boarding facility

4.     Is The Staff Trained?

Not only should the facility be staffed 24/7, but the staff should have a background and training in animal care. They should be knowledgeable in dog behavior and dog training to help deal with problems if they arise.

Moreover, if your pet has medical conditions, make sure you ask the staff if there’s someone responsible for administering medications.

As a family-owned pet boarding facility, we, at Chappell Hill Pet Resort, take pride in our unique approach to overnight boarding and doggy daycare. Peacefully nestled in the scenic countryside, our dog boarding facility is the perfect “home” for your dog away from home.

We have clean, sanitized, and spacious kennels with tons of amenities! We even offer dog taxi services, retriever training, and obedience training services for our animal friends coming in from Brenham, Austin, Houston, College station.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our facility.

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