4 Tips On Preparing Your Fur Baby For Holiday Pet Boarding Arrangements

Dogs playing in the grass in a dog boarding facility

With friends and family getting together during the holiday season, you may have to leave town—and that trip may not include your fur baby. For furry companions who get stressed and anxious during traveling, it’s often best to arrange for a highly-trusted and recommended pet boarding facility.

This way, your furry pal can enjoy a vacation of its own at doggy daycare, playing with other doggos, swimming, and going on relaxing walks!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips that’ll help you prepare your fur baby for their exciting adventure at the boarders.

1.     Book A Trial Day

Your pupper can experience separation anxiety and fear when they’re separated from their home. If this is your dog’s first time staying at a boarding facility, we recommend taking your fur baby to the facility before they’re scheduled to stay. This allows them to get familiar with the staff and surroundings. Plus, visiting the facility in person gives the pet owners some peace of mind when the time comes.

If all goes well during the first visit, your fur baby may not object to being dropped off for their stay later on. And, who knows, maybe they’re comfortable enough to travel in ourdog taxi—pet pickup services—when they need to check into the pet resort.

2.     Make Sure Their Vaccinations Are Up-To-Date

Some dog boarding facilities require pets to be up-to-date with their vaccinations prior to their stay. Make sure to update your fur baby’s vaccinations at least two weeks before your departure, and inquire for specific immunizations that the facility may require.

Additionally, make sure to schedule a check-up with your vet to ensure your furry companion’s health. Also, keep up with flea treatments, preventive tick treatments, and de-worming treatments.

3.     Pack a Bag

Once you’ve finalized your pet’s arrangements at the dog boarding center, make sure to pack a bag of some of your fur baby’s chew toys, belongings, favorite blanket, and perhaps even an old sweater that smells like you. Having items that smell like home really helps reduce some of the anxiety that your canine pal might be experiencing. Make sure to mark all the items you’re bringing to the boarding facility so that they can be clearly distinguished.

4.     Checking In

Make sure your fur baby is wearing an ID tag and removable collar when it arrives at the facility.

Leave contact information with the boarder and inform the staff of any of your pet’s special food, supplements, or medication needs. You can even inquire as to what times are best to phone in and check up on your furry best friend.

We know that leaving your fur baby can pluck at your heartstrings, but it’s best not to linger because this can add to your pet’s nervousness. And don’t worry; if you’ve done your homework of the facility, chances are you’ve found a boarder who’ll provide professional pet care and you’ll return to find your pet baby healthy and happy to see you!

Pet owners snuggles with pet dog while picking him from doggy daycare

Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

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