What’s Better: A Pet Sitter Or A Pet Boarding Facility?

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Arranging care for your furry best friend is a top priority when you’re going out of town. You’ll need to decide on an option that helps your furry pal feel happy, safe, and comfortable. Some pet parents are inclined to hire a pet sitter because having their pet stay at a familiar place—home—seems like the best option.

However, they don’t factor in that their home is far quieter, emptier, and less active while they’re away, leading to separation anxiety and fear.

Plus, dog sitters can’t always tell when something’s amiss with your canine companion because they don’t know your fur baby like you do.

It’s times like these when boarding your furry best friend is an ideal solution. Doggy daycares provide tons of social interaction with other doggos and make sure your furry pal receives daily exercise and nutrition under the care of professional staff.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled the pros and cons of pet sitting and pet boarding, so that the next time you go out of town, you can settle on the best option for your pet with utmost pawsitivity and confidence.

When Pet Sitting Is A Good Option

Your Pet Has Experience

If your snuggle-buddy happily welcomes the company of other people and has experience staying at home in your absence for long durations, it might be worth it to turn your home into a pet hotel.

Multiple Pets

Dogs crave companionship and social interaction. Pet sitting is a good fit if your pupper has another animal to chase around and play with all day, while the pet sitter keeps a watchful eye over them.

Senior Dogs

Older pets are often set in their ways and prone to stress and anxiety in unfamiliar environments, which is why staying at home is the best option for them. Plus, the flooring may be problematic for some senior dogs’ stiff and aching joints.

Shy Pets

If your fur baby is particularly shy, it may become stressed out in a loud, noisy kennel filled with several dogs and numerous smells. In this case, staying at home may be the best option.

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When Pet Boarding Is The Right Option

Social Pups

Dog boarding can be a treat for your furball—a vacation of its own! It’s ideal for social and playful pups.

Pet boarders take the dogs out in big yards for group playtime, giving your pupper a proper outlet to utilize all that excessive energy. They may even offer amenities where your pupper can splash water in pools and get tons of exercise.

Qualified Professionals

Dog boarding facilities will keep your fur baby active under the supervision of professional and attentive staff. They have experience and training in animal care and can easily pick up on signs of anxiety and stress in pets, and are accustomed to handling such situations.

Increased Safety

Accommodations in a pet boarding facility are designed to allow you furball to freely play outside, rest comfortably, and feel secure at all times.

You can go on a guilt-free vacation knowing your furry pal is in a safe and secure environment with strict policies against unauthorized access.

Plenty Of Socialization And Attention

In addition to expert care, pet boarders ensure your furry companion receives adequate attention every day—and we all know how much they need that! The facility may even offer personalized playtime from animal-loving staff.

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Put Your Fur Baby In The Hands Of Loving, Capable Professionals

Our dog boarding facility gives you a chance of relieving friends and family from the responsibility of pet sitting. Board your fur baby in our beautiful facility in the countryside.

As a family-owned doggy daycare, we provide extra love and attention to all our animal friends coming in from Brenham, Austin, Houston, College station. We even offer obedience training and retriever training services.

Get in touch with us for more information.

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