Why Your Dog Training Attempts Aren’t Working

Dogs are just about the most lovable creatures around, but as pets that can be noisy, messy and boisterous it’s also important for them to be trained. Training a dog not only helps you manage social situations in public but will ultimately create a better bond between you and your canine.

However, as many dog owners later discover, dog training isn’t as easy as it seems. Sometimes your training attempts may not be working at all, and in other circumstances training may fade away over time.

Here are some mistakes that dog owners make during the training process.

You’re Not Putting in The Time

How many years does it take for humans to properly understand the way the world works and equip themselves for it? As children, we take years to learn basic functional skills. That should put into perspective how much time you should be spending to train your dog.

Without proper time investment by the training individual, dogs will not be able to understand or grasp what it is you’re trying to do. If you’re a working dog parent that often enlists a doggy daycare or doesn’t have the time to spend long hours with their pet, then you may need to look into alternatives for training.

Inconsistency is a Recurring Issue

Consistency is the key for any kind of training, and dog training is no different. If you’re not consistent about your method, your sessions, your behavior and your attitude about your dog’s behavior, you may not see the results you want.

For example, if you set a rule that says your puppy isn’t allowed to get up on your kitchen counter, but it persists; you need to enforce that rule every single time. Half the time won’t work, since it gives an opening for your dog to feel like this is acceptable behavior.

How Confident Are You?

Dogs are predators by their very nature, which is why assertiveness and confidence are essential qualities in a trainer. If you sound and behave nervous or even half-hearted, you could end up being ignored.

Instead, you should be pushing your boundaries as a trainer alongside your dog by putting it in social situations, attending a couple group training classes and more. This will help your dog see you as an authority.

You’re Not Consulting a Professional

Many dog parents take this as an affront, but there is nothing wrong in having a professional trainer do the job for you. There is no getting around the fact that humans have a lot on their plate, and whatever time they have may not be enough for their dog’s training.

In such cases, letting a professional trainer take over is good for you and your dog. Ideally, a doggy daycare and training center would help take care of your pet while you’re at work as well! At Chappell Hill Pet Resort, we offer temperature-controlled dog kennel boarding in Chappell Hill near Houston as well as retriever training for your dogs.

Enlist us now and watch how quickly your dog picks up on these advanced skills you’ve been trying to get it to understand.

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