Furry Love: Things They Do That Make You Love Them More

A woman holding her brown pup

If you’re an animal person, you’d know that pets are like your own flesh and blood.

They make it worth getting up on a blue day and eagerly wait for you by the door when you return home. They’re there to listen to you when you need a silent company or be there to speak kind words in their sweet language of love when you need it.

You can’t imagine living without your pets because they make your life brighter and more meaningful. There’s a lot that they do for you silently that helps you become a better person yourself. Let’s look at some of those instances.

Shower You With Infinite Love

A publication reviewed 22 studies in 2017 that proved that animals encourage humans to form healthy emotional bonds that boost their cognitive development. It’s not a coincidence that animals are always the most compassionate, loving, and considerate companions; it’s in their nature to be that way.

That’s why they climb on top of you while you’re asleep and snuggle close to you, or let you lay your head on them to fall asleep, or the way they rub against your legs affectionately. Having a dog in the house also saves you the trouble of buying endless toys or hiring a babysitter for your kid; they care for babies like their own!

Express Generously and Communicate Honestly

They teach you the value of self-expression and the importance of communication in any relationship. They’re the biggest example of the adage ‘love doesn’t need a language or words’. They only need to sit by somebody when they’re grieving or purr softly in their ears when they need to hear a sound of reassurance.

When pets do gestures that warm your heart, you realize that love doesn’t need grand gestures or expensive gifts. Their head resting in your lap is all the physical comfort you need!

A woman sitting on a yellow couch while reading as a dog snuggles close to her.

Understand Boundaries

If you’ve had a nosy roommate or a controlling ex, you’d understand the importance of boundaries. Fortunately for pet owners, animals don’t need to be taught the difference between giving space and being there for someone. They know where their companionship and attention is needed and when to leave you alone. And that fills your heart with gratitude and love!

Even though pets are possessive of their space and owners, they will always request your space equally. Sure, they might want petting at the wrong time, but you need to show them that you’re busy, and they’ll understand. The no-obligation bond makes it even more special!

Despite how loving they may be, you need time off from caring for your pet, and we understand. We’re here to take them off your hands and give them a loving daycare to distract them while you enjoy time with family and friends. Reach out to us if you’re in Chappell Hill.

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