Interesting Facts About a Dog’s Nose

Two brown dogs.

If there’s one sense in which dogs are superior to all other species, it’s their olfactory abilities. Count on a dog to smell something fishy from afar or even when you’ve erased all tracks that led back to it. This is an innate ability that helps them survive in the wild and has become a reason for their popularity in the human world.

Their canine noses can deliver a detailed olfactory report that’s almost the same as years of investigation on a criminal suspect! With 100 million sensory receptors in their noses, they can detect odors 10,000 times better than us. And it’s not just the smell that they can identify; they can sketch a character profile just by that smell.

The olfactory department in their brain is 40 times larger than that in ours. Have you seen shepherds used in the police investigation? Now you know why.

Let’s learn more about dogs and their noses.

How Do Doggie Noses Gather Information

Dogs gather and communicate information to other dogs by sniffing different kinds of specimen. They can answer questions such as the what, where, how, and why of things in a single sniff

When they emit amines and acids for chemical communication, it generates aroma that reveals the gender, choice of food, and emotional state.

This is why they jump at their owners when they bring their favorite treat, even when they haven’t seen it yet. It’s that hard to hide surprises from them even if you try not to drop any clues! They can even smell another dog from a distance and tell if they’re female or male.

Not to mention, they can understand if their furry friend is delighted, sad, playful, or in the mood to mate. Dogs can’t hide their sexual history from each other either, because all it takes is a sniff, and they’ll know how active or satisfied they’ve been. Their supernormal noses bless them with an enormously high emotional quotient that you’d wish for your partner to have.  

A smaller pup caressing a big dog.

The Doggie Scent Memory

Dogs don’t just smell, know, and forget the information they get. They have a long-standing database of olfactory information that they’ve collected over time. This forms their scent memory.

The chances of them recalling you after meeting years ago are high. Your distinct smell would be saved in their scent memory if they’ve smelled you before, and they’ll recognize you instantly. Their scent memory also helps them identify other Alpha dogs without spending much time in their pack.

The Most Debilitating Disability in Dogs

Losing your eyesight may seem like the worst thing that can happen to you! But for dogs, it’s losing their sense of smell.

A blind dog can survive much better, without extra care, than a blind human. Their olfactory senses help them navigate the world, find food and friends, and be safe out there. But without a functional nose, they can barely survive a short while unless they’re getting medical attention.

Regardless of their disabilities, caring for a dog demands a lot of time and effort that gets exhausting. You deserve to take a trip to unwind. As for pet care, our doggie daycare is the perfect outing spot for your furry friends. Our staff is trained to handle all kinds of dogs for as long as you need. Reach out to us if you’re in Chappell Hill.

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