Doggie Day Care

Feeling guilty about leaving your pet cooped up all day? Just as children do, pets need the structure of daily routine. The daycare environment at Chappell Hill Pet Resort is designed to boost stimulation and socialization with other pets, thereby reducing separation anxiety and diminishing destructive behaviors that result from lack of attention while you are at work.

Hours of Operation

Doggie Day Care is offered from 7am-6pm Monday through Friday. We all know how hard it is to get out of the door in the morning, so feel free to pack their breakfast and we will make sure they get fed. There is a small up-charge if you are needing to drop off or pick up outside of business hours.


We pride ourselves on giving the dogs a great experience each and every day. They are given 4-5 opportunities to relieve themselves throughout the day. The dogs have a group playtime in the morning and afternoon, dependent upon how well they interact with the other dogs. You can also throw in a private 30 minute walk.


As parents, we know what its like to drop your child off a day care, therefore we are more than happy to provide updates of how your dog is doing while they are attending doggie day care. We want them to be comfortable and you to be certain that your dogs are in good hands. We think it adds a special touch.

Doggie Day Care is $15 a day, each additional dog is $10.

Frequent Camper Package
  • Get 10 days at $12 a day.
Monthly Camper Package
  • Get the entire month at $12 a day.


The 2500 square feet dog park will be a great addition to Chappell Hill Pet Resort, giving the dogs a fun area to release energy and interact with other dogs. The dogs will be supervised as they play.
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