Pet Taxi

We know how hectic it can get when you are trying to get out of town. Let us make it easier for you by transporting your dog for you. This keeps you from having to lug around a kennel and making additional stops before you depart!

How It Works

  • Pickup and drop off times are to be confirmed prior to departure from Chappell Hill Pet Resort.
  • The cost is $1.25 per mile while the dog is in tow.
  • Each additional dog is a flat rate: $5 for local, $10 for distant locations (20 + miles).
  • The dogs will have their own spacious box in our top of the line dog trailer.
  • There will be an additional $10 charge if travel times are outside of our normal business hours.
  • For Houston area pick-up and drop-offs, we prefer to meet at the Bucee’s in Waller. (Costs you $40 total round trip)
  • For College Station pick-up and drop-offs, Navasota is a good central point. (Costs you $40 total round trip)

Lakota is a regular at Chappell Hill Pet Resort. His owners opt for her to be picked up and dropped off so that they can spend more time with their kids instead of on the road.

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