Is He a Smart Dog?

Do you notice how some dogs are quick to respond to your commands, follow instructions, or remember rules? That’s because dogs, too can have varying levels of intellectual development. Some dogs can be as accomplished as avalanche rescue survivors, while others don’t understand when you say “sit.”  Understanding how a dog’s mind works requires effort,Continue reading “Is He a Smart Dog?”

4 Tips On Preparing Your Fur Baby For Holiday Pet Boarding Arrangements

With friends and family getting together during the holiday season, you may have to leave town—and that trip may not include your fur baby. For furry companions who get stressed and anxious during traveling, it’s often best to arrange for a highly-trusted and recommended pet boarding facility.

Finding The Perfect Dog Boarding Facility For Your Furry Companion: 4 Tips

Trying to figure out what to do with your canine fur baby while you’re out of town? A dog boarding facility is a great option because it provides professional pet care and ensures your furry companion receives daily exercise, nutrition, and lots of playtime with other dogs—ideal for pups that are prone to separation anxiety!